NOTE: Familiarization flights for 2023 are now fully booked.  If you have questions or would like to be added to the wait list for 2024, you are welcome to email us at


The INTRO FLIGHT , also referred to as a Familiarisation or Fam Flight is a 20 – 30 minute glider flight designed to allow a person to experience the magic of motorless flight and is specifically meant to attract new members to the club.  This flight may be your first step in deciding if you think you might want to join our club and pursue you glider pilots license.

Our experience tells us that people who are excited by aircraft and are interested in gliding will go the extra mile.  The FAM flight is often the experience that attracts new members.

The VSA offers introductory flights on a first come first served basis from our base of operations at the Hope Airport.  The typically VSA flies on all weekends and stat holidays from April to the end of October weather permitting. For rates please see our Prices page.  The weather in the lower mainland can often be quite different to that in Hope – it might rain in the lower mainland, but be dry or even sunny in Hope, so don’t be put off by weather in the lower mainland.

Pre-arranging is essential.  If you are interested in taking an introductory flight, please email us and let us know what your preferred dates are (see email address on Contacts Page).  We can typically manage up to three FAM flights per day.  If the list is full you will be advised accordingly of a different future date availability.  This does not stop you coming to the glider field to get a sense of what goes on at the club, and who knows there might be a cancellation ….

Limiting the number of FAM flights means we can give each FAM flight proper attention, but also, in deference to our members that a comfortable ratio of one FAM flight for at least two member flights can be maintained.

Typically for our introductory flights the passenger rides in the front seat of the 2 seat glider and the pilot flies the glider from the back seat.  The flight will last approximately 20 minutes and can be up to 30 minutes if the soaring conditions are such that the pilot can utilize sources of lift to stay aloft.  At Hope we rely mainly on ridge lift to gain altitude and stay aloft.  The glider is towed up to approximately 3000 feet above the ground by a tow plane at which point the glider releases.

The pilot will brief you on the various stages of the flight and explain the operation of the various controls and instruments in the glider.  Feel free to ask questions.  You are also encouraged to take your camera along to take pictures or to have a friend use your camera to take pictures from the ground.  Be advised however that glider flight can be bumpy at times if the wind is strong, and under bumpy conditions a hand-held camera may not be allowed due to the risk of the camera bumping into the canopy which can cause significant damage.  Your FAM flight pilot will brief you on this.

The VSA has a fully equipped club house on the airport with washrooms, lounge, kitchen and picnic tables.  Guests are welcome to use these facilities during your visit.  We encourage guests to bring a hat, sun screen and to keep well hydrated, especially during the summer months.  Bring your lunch and enjoy your day at Hope Airport. If you have any questions please contact us by email.

Please Note:  Maximum permitted passenger weight is 242 lbs