What is the VSA?

The Vancouver Soaring Association (VSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of safe soaring and is operated by the services of member-volunteers.

The VSA provides excellent glider flying equipment and facilities to support soaring activities of its membership.

We encourage new members to join and offer training to individuals who wish to participate in the sport and contribute to the long-term success and culture of the Association.

The VSA is not a commercial gliding school and does not offer training services to persons wishing to join solely for the purpose of obtaining a glider pilot licence.

What does the club offer?

  • Introductory flights to introduce you to the joys of soaring (appointments necessary). More info >
  • The opportunity to learn to fly gliders or improve your existing soaring skills. More info >
  • Free instruction for members.
  • Five gliders and two Cessna L-19 tow planes, all club-owned and operated. More info >
  • Tows for visiting glider pilots. More info >
  • A great social atmosphere. More info >

When does flying take place?

Every weekend and statutory holiday from April to October – weather permitting. Occasionally on weekdays during the same period.

Where does the club operate?

Our home base is at Hope Airport, BC where we have a clubhouse, a camping area, a hangar and permanent tie-downs.
More info >

The club also undertakes several away trips every year to other excellent soaring sites in Western Canada and Washington State.