Hangar Stuffing

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An update from Bruce on Oct. 28 – Winter preparations:

We used to turn up for a work day in October where we took down the hangar for the season.  This event is no more, as it has been replaced by a day of cleanup and hangar stuffing (photo).

Ray Ochitwa orchestrated the disassembly and trailering of gliders, but not until VSA and VSL were flown for the last time this year.  The tow planes are off to Chilliwack, where they will each have FLARMs installed in their instrument panels.  There is room left in the hangar for them to be stored over the winter.

Andrew Nicholson directed a hangar cleanout and a floor sealing, then consulted his floor layout plan as the hangar was filled with a mix of glider and camping trailers and even a guest aircraft.  All this generates winter revenue to help pay off the hangar, while those of us lucky enough to find accommodation only have to move our equipment a couple of hundred feet for winter storage.

Another crew tackled the Shelter building, doing archeological investigations on decades of accumulated stuff.  Two full truck and trailer loads were sent to the dump, and there is now some sense of order in the building.

Overall, a good turnout of volunteers and a very productive day.